Bat Removal in Arlington Heights

Finding a bat inside your property can be quite alarming. Whether they have just flown in or have been making their home in your attic undetected, you need to get rid of them as soon as possible. Pest Corp Inc is the best choice for bringing you a quick and affordable solution.

We have been providing professional bat removal to the local area for several years and have the skillset needed to rid your property of pests. We promise to humanely remove your unwanted pests and help you take steps to ensure they don’t return. If you’re ready for your obligation-free quote, drop us a line today at (773) 600-1009. 

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Signs You Might Need Bat Control Services

Because we don’t typically spend much time in our attics, it’s not always immediately apparent when we have a bat problem. For this reason, we would like to mention a few signs that might point to a more significant bat problem on your property:

  • Smells of ammonia or other strange odors 
  • Stained holes around your property 
  • Noticing droppings around your property
  • Grinding or scratching noises in your attic at night
  • Squeaking sounds

Schedule Your Bat Removal Inspection

As with any pest control situation, we must understand exactly what we are dealing with before deciding on a treatment. We will send an expert bat exterminator to your property to fully comprehend the extent of your problem.

Bats can make their homes in areas such as attics for a long time before being noticed by homeowners. This is why we never take any situation at face value to make sure we are not overlooking any problems.

Only once we have a full grasp on the service you need, we will provide you with a quote and then get to work on resolving your issue if you decide to use our services. 

Qualified Bat Removal Services

Bats are more than just a nuisance when they get inside your building—they can also come with health risks. Many of these flying animals carry diseases that can be harmful to humans. It’s for this reason that we always recommended hiring a professional company to safely eliminate your pests.

Our typical solution is to install exclusionary nets around your infested area. This means your bats will be able to leave your property to feed but will no longer be able to get back inside when they return. This process ensures the safety of everyone involved and brings no harm to the critters, so you can sleep easy knowing you responsibly resolved your problem. 

A Permanent Solution from a Leading Bat Removal Company

Once all your unwanted guests have left your property, we can get started on making sure they can’t come back. We will decontaminate the previously infested area and check for any holes or entryways that they might have been using. At this point, we will patch up and caulk any potential entry point to provide you with a long-lasting solution to stop these flying pests from coming back anytime soon. 

Contact the Bat Control Experts

If you have the slightest suspicion of bats on your Arlington Heights property, minimize the issue by contacting us as soon as possible. You can reach us at (773) 600-1009 to speak with a pest control expert and find out more about how we can help you.