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Bee Removal

Let’s get one thing straight. We all love bees and the work they do for us. But not when they build their hives near humans. That’s when bees become a problem that requires the help of the certified and insured pest control experts at Pest Corp Inc. We will safely remove the beehive from your property, and if possible, transport it to a new location. We are proud to offer bee relocation services to home and business owners throughout the region.

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Professional Bee Removal Inspection

First, we will perform an inspection of your property and the hive in particular. We need to determine its exact location, accessibility, and size. With these factors in mind, we will then create a plan for the removal of the hive.

Although we try to preserve the bees as much as possible, the inspection may show that it’s not possible to relocate the hive safely. In these cases, we will have to find another strategy—one that you are happy with as well. Finally, we will draft a quote for the services you require that are competitive and market-driven.

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Environmentally-Friendly Bee Relocation Services

Ideally, we will be able to remove and relocate the problem hive. Our goal is to preserve the health of wild bees and allow them to continue their process of pollination—something that our agricultural industry depends on. We strive to offer clients ecologically conscious alternatives to pest control that satisfy their need for safety and ethics at the same time.

Often we will deliver the swarms of bees to a local apiary where they can thrive as a colony in safety while also providing essential pollinating services to the local environment. It’s a careful balancing act, but one that’s important for the success of our community.

Safe Bee Extermination Services

If the beehive is not located in an accessible area, we may not be able to remove and relocate it. If it is posing a danger to humans, we will take a different approach to bee removal. Our experienced bee control team will carefully, but efficiently, eliminate the hive at the source.

Although bee extermination may be the last resort, sometimes it is necessary. We take every precaution to ensure the safety and security of those in close proximity.

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Bee Removal Clean-Up and Follow-Up

To ensure the successful completion of the removal, we will perform a full clean-up and inspection of the property. This is an important step to prevent attracting other pests like wasps, mice, rates, etc. We will collect:

  • Honeycomb
  • Honey
  • Dead bees
  • Parts of the nest
  • Larvae

Call the Best Bee Removal Service

If you are having problems with bees on your property, contact the pest control company that will get the job done quickly, efficiently, and environmentally. Where possible, we work to support the thriving bee population in our region. Protect yourself and protect your community by hiring Pest Corp Inc for bee removal.

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