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Pest Corp Inc is the leading termite control service in the region. We perform liquid- and bait-based termite treatments that are fast-acting and cost-effective. Don’t risk termite damage. Eliminate the infestation with a seasoned professional by your side.

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We know our termite treatments are the best-value services around, and we’re not afraid to prove it to you with a no-obligation, on-site consultation. Let us inspect your property for you and create a customized treatment plan. Our seasoned, personable technicians are sure to impress you with our expertise and in-depth termite knowledge. We’ll explain our process and what to expect from beginning to end. To complete our consultation, we’ll offer you a full cost breakdown of our services, should you choose to move forward with them.

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We specialize in termite pest control and are fully registered, licensed, trained, and insured to apply all our chemical-based treatments. We exclusively use approved substances and handle them in strict adherence to industry guidelines to ensure the health of our clients and the environment from beginning to end. We implement only proven, industry-leading strategies to get our clients the best termite protection on the market.

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Signs of Termite Infestation

If you see termites in or near your home, there’s a good chance an infestation lies somewhere nearby. Many homeowners confuse ants with termites, however, since the two insects are similar in appearance. Look closely, and you’ll see that termites have straight antennae, thick waists, and wings of equal length, whereas ants have bent antennae, pinched waists, and wings of different sizes.

Besides seeing a termite up close, some other signs of an infestation are:

  • Streaks of mud extending over foundation walls (termites use these as shelter)
  • Damaged (especially hollowed) wood, drywall, or plaster
  • Traces of wood dust, insect wings, and soil tracks throughout the property

Because much of termite damage happens out of plain sight, such as behind walls and underneath floors, termite infestations can be difficult to detect. Sometimes, they even go unnoticed for years, until the damage becomes extreme. If you suspect termites are present in your home, don’t delay. Schedule a professional termite inspection.  

Termite Prevention

A vital part of any comprehensive termite pest control strategy is prevention. By implementing pre-emptive actions, such as reducing soil-to-wood contact throughout your property, you can protect yourself against future infestations. Trust our technicians to walk through your property with you and point out all the steps you can take to prevent further termite issues.

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